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Lol boost operates on North America (NA), Europe West (EUW), Europe Nordic & East (EUNE), Oceania Australia/New Zealand (OCE), Turkey (TR), Brasil/Brazil (BR), Latin America South (LAS), Latin America North (LAN), and Russia (RU)

We offer elo boosting for League of Legends (LoL) such as guaranteed division boosts, placement games, net win boosting, coaching, unranked fresh level 30 accounts, and guides! You are also able to DUO Q with our boosters!

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    As one of our most basic security measures and one of many, our elo boosters use 256 bit AES encrypted VPN's with GEOLOCATED IP's. Our other secret and strict procedures makes sure your account is never at risk.


    We constantly monitor any of our competitors. We make sure every week that we have the best prices amongst the entire lol elo boosting industry.


    Track your order
    Communicate with your lol booster inside our website
    View your match history
    Pause your order
    Access any old or new orders that you've made
    Save your account information for easy re-orders
    Easily rate and comment on our services after your order



Chat with your elo booster, and view your match history and watch your account get lol boosted in real time, all on our website members area! You can also DUOQ With our professional lol elo boosters!


"If i took time off work to try and get to the league i wanted to get too, i'd probably lose thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to pay for a elo boost :)"

Taylor Sereuz

October 25 2014

"A very talented player, and very insightful. I learned a lot."

Jake Pilanski

October 21 2014

"Great player, good communication, will Duo Queue again"

Remy de Vinegur

June 02 2014

"I used to think i was held back by certain people on my team but my coach sat down with me and we reviewed my gameplay. I have seen the light and i've climbed a whole tier after my lessons."

Sam Broadley

February 12 2014

"really awsome my elo booster knew how to help other lanes and control the game in our Duo Queue. I had a lot of fun also would request him again."

Bjorn Klaestrap

February 12 2014

"Gr8 boost with gr8 speed. I rate m8 8/8"

Justin Huang

February 11 2014

"I needed to expand my champion pool so i requested certain champs to be played, paid extra for this service but it was worth it. I then booked a coaching lesson right after it and what i learned was like GOLD."

David Razzi

February 10 2014

"I used to always throw games and have bad decision making, like an anchor of my team. But i watched my elo booster play and i learned a lot, then i booked a coaching lesson with him now i'm ALOT better."

Simon Papamarkos

March 12 2014

"Lol Booster made my week, answered my questions about game play as i spectated, he was very good and i learned a lot. Also FAST!"

Josh Edwards

March 10 2014

"Unbelievable elo booster. He won everygame except one. Amazingly fast."

Blake Pratt

March 09 2014

"This is a lot easier and faster then wasting time getting the rank you know you can get anyways yourself."

Adam Borgman

February 19 2014

"I simply didn't have the time to get to the rank i know i can get too, it's cheaper for me to work for a few hours and let the pros take care of it. I'm now in the division i deserve to be in."

Dan K

February 14 2014

"My elo booster literally dropped like 2 games out of 30 and i had some amazing stats after it aswell, i learned a sheeet done watching this kid wow..."

Murat Beshiktas

February 13 2014

"I have to say that their interface was easy to use, and i was able to stay in contact with my lol booster easily"

Lekker ssarson

December 31 2014

"Very reliable i've done 3 division boosts with them and after the lol boost i'm actually winning a lot more games because my teammates are a lot better now!! :)"

James J.

December 30 2014

"LoLBoost.org is the greatest, did my boost in 12 hours from Gold 2 - Plat 1"

Jonothan Wergudej

December 29 2014

"My Coach taught me how to think like a great player, I am now becoming one :)"


December 27 2014

"Takes the stress off those promotional games, well worth the money."


December 26 2014

"Duo Queue games were very fun, i went up in rank and learned a heap. It was also the most fun i've had in a long time"


December 26 2014

"I wasn't very good at this game, my friends were always better, but lolboost helped me catch up and become better."


December 26 2014

"Boosting and coaching were very helpful for me, I spectated my elo booster and I've finally reached diamond!! :)"


December 31 2014